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Highly Private

Private banking customers have huge wealth. To manage such a huge wealth, the first requirement is to ensure the privacy of the customers. One Heritage provides high-privacy services to ensure the safety of customer property and realize value preservation and appreciation


The exclusive characteristics of private banking services can be seen in: exclusive products, exclusive financial planning and exclusive account managers. One Heritage has made it clear that the core of private banking services is customers, and careful and thoughtful exclusive services are the most important part of maintaining customer relationships.

Lean Professional

Private banking services involve the management of huge assets and require a high degree of professionalism that is an important indicator of competitiveness. Facing with the ever-changing market, One Heritage insists on product specialization and diversification, which deploys bonds, stocks, PE/VC, commodities, overseas assets, covering equity, securities secondary markets, fixed income assets, overseas assets and other products to meet the needs of customers for personalized asset allocation. relying on the richness of products, One Heritage helps high-net-worth customers do asset isolation and wealth inheritance well.

Marble Surface

One Heritage Private Bank EAM Management Model

  • The EAM service team represents the client rather than the product, and its interests are aligned with those of the client. Account managers with maturity and experience are familiar with the client’s needs and investment characteristics and offer the most suitable asset management advice and solutions.


  • The essence of the One Heritage EAM Private Banking platform is a three-party relationship in which the client fully entrusts EAM to manage the “assets under management” of their private bank (or brokerage) and the private bank acts as the custodian and record keeper of the client’s assets, which are safe and secure under the established structure. EAM focuses on the management of “assets under management” and provides clients with individualized services. Investment products are not selected for sales purposes but rather to emphasize an independent, long-term, and comprehensive partnership in which EAM is the client’s asset manager and meets the client’s partnership expectations. The EAM’s structure of close partnership is fully aligned with the client’s expectations regarding the protection and enhancement of family assets.

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One Heritage Multi Strategy SPC – Global Quantum Alpha Fund SP is an open-end fund incorporated in Cayman Islands. The fund aims is to maximize capital appreciation over the medium to long-term, through a diversified range of markets and instruments including securities, preferred stocks, convertible securities, equity-related instruments, debt securities and obligation.


Accurately sort out financial operation

The quantitative team is composed of top mathematicians, which has the professional advantage of financial mathematics. The team sorts out and analyzes massive amounts of historiacal data, quickly captures the price difference between different investment products, finds the most suitable buying and selling points and optimizing the best investment strategy.



non-stop trading

24-hour continours monitoting of changes in the global securities market, which can seize investment opportunities in time.


Profitable regardless of the rise of fall

Search for securities targets in the global securities market, and guide trading strategies through the arbitrage model of the quantitative trading program. Regardless of whether the price of securities rises or fall, you can master the trading nodes and obtain profits.


Continuous optimization of quantiative models

The quantitative trading system realized continous optimization and upgrading of trading strategies through long-term data collection, analysis, and continous optimization of mathematical models.

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One Heritage SPC- UK property development fund is a closed-end fund incorporated in Cayman Islands. The Fund's objective is to maximize total return on capital by investing in United Kingdom real estate related assets including, but not limited to land, existing properties, property developments (including new developments, re-developments, alterations and expansions) and with an aim to realize the return by the sale of real estate investments and generation of rental income.

The UK has obvious advantages in economic development

The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world and the second largest economy in Europe. It is one of the most attractive countries in the world for investment

One of the most suitable countries for business

The UK has been ranked No.1 in the "Forbes Best Countries and Regions for Doing Business" for two consecutive years, and was ranked No.1 in the world

A successful Brexit is good for the UK economy

On January 31, 2020, Britian officially leaves the European Union, economically freer, and investment opportunites emerge

Strong demand for UK property

Long-term supply exceeds demand, value-added is stable, and liquidity is strong. At present, the cumulative housing demand has exceeded 4 million units, but the supply of new house is less than 500,000 units

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